Our dragonfruit e-liquid has a mild, delicate taste. A very pleasant vape sure to satiate your desires.

The mystery continues in this satisfying soda inspried citrus and berry vape.

A smooth pineapple gummy fusion that's sure to delight each of your tastebuds.

Eternity Milkshake is milleniums better than any other pineapple milkshake juice available!!!

Rip into a snack pack with our Banana Pudding e-liquid! A perfect blend of creamy banana and vanilla pudding

Nothing tops a basket of fresh picked berries, except this must-have vape.

FUNN-DIP is sweet, flavorful and simply irresistible! Just like the great tasting lick and dip candy with the edible sticks.

A refreshing twist to the classic Mexican drink made with rice, milk, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Our version of Caramel Frappe is a delicious blend of coffee, sweet caramel, and whipped cream.

The flavor and sweetness is intense, exquisite, rich and unique, definitely worth trying.

Dragon Candy is a sweet twist on dragonfruit that will leave your mouth watering!

This e-liquid gives you the sweet, mouthwatering taste of butterscotch, with a creamy and smooth feel.

If you like a little heat with your sweet, this Hot Cinnamon vape is for you!

Ligers Blood is an awesome blend of fruit & coconut, just like the snow cone flavor!

It's a Utah classic drink, in a vape!  A perfect twist of grape & lime, this is one of our top sellers!

555 is a tobacco flavor with a rich nutty taste

on a European tobacco.