Legendary flavors.

Let's take it back to basics.

Butterscotch - A sweet and creamy rendition of the classic candy.

Dazzle Berry - An irresistible blast of sweet berries and fruit.

Eternity Milkshake - Sweet pineapple and malted milk blended to perfection.

Hot Cinnamon - Perfectly blended and packed with sweet and hot cinnamon.

Grape Lime Rickey - A Utah summertime favorite.

Funn Dip - A sweet and delicious candy blend.

Ligers Blood - A delicious blend of strawberry and pina colada.

Razzle Dazzle Dew - A soda inspired blend with citrus and berry highlights.

Smartees - A sweet fruit candy just the way you remember.

Sweet Raspberry - A Cloudy version of blue raspberry candy.